Union College’s Faculty Development Programming

From Denise Snyder, Director of Learning Technologies and Environments, at Union College

If ever there was a time to connect with your NY6 colleagues, this is it—there is no doubt our ideas get better when we collaborate with others. Therefore, for the first time, Union College is inviting faculty from all NY6 schools to participate in Union College’s Faculty Development summer programming. This year’s theme is “Make Next Year Special: Think Outside of the Box,” where faculty will creatively imagine “multiple tomorrows” for the upcoming academic year.

All NY6 faculty are invited to sign-up for the following opportunities based on need and/or interest:

Weekdays, from June 19th-July 2

1) Self-paced interactive course, designed to be completed over a two week period, roughly 2 hours of asynchronous work a day. 

2) One hour, live workshops each day on a range of topics in Teaching & Learning in PracticeDiversity & InclusionStudent Engagement & Motivation, as well as Learning Technologies.

3) One hour, live virtual “NY6 faculty coffee hour” each day from 9-10 am.

Kicking off TODAY!

Virtual NY6 Faculty Forum, hosted in a platform called Slack. 

More Details

1) Self-paced interactive course: Weekdays, June 19-July 2

Faculty will explore content from the learning sciences about the best practices of teaching and learning design. The course is designed to be completed over a 2-week period, roughly 2 hours a day. There are four modules and a final project, with new modules released every two days. As this is self-paced, you may opt in as much or as little as you choose. If you are interested in learning more and/or signing up, please contact the respective representative from your school below:

2) One hour, live workshops: Weekdays, June 19-July 2

Sign-up for as many or as few of these, based on need and/or interest. To review the sessions, visit: https://summer2020fdi.sched.com/. When prompted for a password, enter “fdi” (without the quotes). 
This schedule is still in development, please check back often for the most current schedule.

We are using a platform called “Sched” to organize and advertise these sessions across the NY6 schools. We encourage you to create an account on Sched and sign-up for events that interest you. When you log in and sign-up for events, it allows the speakers to more easily share materials from the sessions with you, as well as gather feedback from you about the session. In addition, workshops will be conducted using a web conferencing tool called Zoom. Zoom “Join URL” links for each session are provided through the Sched platform. 

3) One hour, live virtual “NY6 faculty coffee hour:”
Weekdays, June 19-July 2

Each day, we invite all faculty across the NY6 to attend a live virtual “coffee hour” from 9-10 am using Zoom. These sessions are purposefully unstructured to provide an opportunity for you to meet and connect with other faculty across the NY6 and talk about topics you want to discuss.
From Union College, David Cotter, Professor of Sociology and Director of Faculty Development, and Nicole Theodosiou, Professor of Biology, Co-Director of Biochemistry, and 2020-22 Byron Nichols Fellow, will be your hosts each day. Joining these sessions are very easy. Simply look for the “9 am Virtual Coffee Hour” session in the schedule, and click on the Zoom link.

4) Virtual NY6 Faculty Forum, in Slack.

We have created a virtual NY6 Faculty Forum in Slack, a platform that facilitates communication and collaboration across remote distances. By joining this Slack workspace you will be connected with faculty across the NY6 and join “channels” of discussion based on need or interest. We have set up five channels organized around disciplines to start. Follow the directions below to set-up your account and join  (or create) channels of interest:.

  • Join the NY6 Faculty Forum Slack space and follow the prompts for creating and confirming your account.
    • You will automatically be added to the #general and ##2020-fdi channels. Go through the steps to set up your Slack account, including:
  • “Send a Message” on the #2020-fdi channel introducing yourself to other NY6 faculty.
  • Add a “Profile photo”.
  • Decide if you want to “Turn on Notifications”. We encourage you to turn these on to start. You can always decide later if you’d like to turn them off.
  • “Join Channels” of interest, and/or feel free to create new ones (i.e., click on the “+” icon), if there is a topic you’d like to talk with other faculty across the NY6 about.
    • Any channels you create will be available for any NY6 faculty member that joins the workspace to join. If you need a “private” channel setup, please contact Deanna McCay and she can set that up for you.
  • Review Slack support documentation, in particular, Using Slack for more assistance.