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Jessica Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College. Her training is in cognitive and developmental psychology, with additional training in linguistics and psycholinguistics. Dr. Sullivan is also the Innovative Pedagogy representative for Skidmore’s Idealab. Her teaching focuses on the scholar-teacher model: students in Dr. Sullivan’s courses have published papers, written preregistrations, and contributed to ongoing scholarly debates. In addition, Dr. Sullivan has experience with a diverse range of pedagogical practices, including flipping classrooms, Team Based Learning, game-based learning, and student-led learning. Dr. Sullivan is interested in disrupting the existing power structures within her classroom and field.

Areas of Expertise
I have expertise in incorporating real research projects into courses, in flipping classrooms, in using the 'teaching replication' model of classrooms, game-based learning, and in team-based learning. I also have experience in cultivating innovative pedagogy practices within my own classroom and with institutions. I have worked to decolonize my syllabi, and to incorporate disruptive pedagogical practices into my classroom.
team-based learning, innovative pedagogy, teaching replication