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Courtney Reiss Gibbons

Professor Courtney Gibbons joined the faculty at Hamilton College in July, 2013 and is currently an associate professor of mathematics. She studies commutative and homological algebra, and her primary research interest is the study of infinite free resolutions (often through the lens of Boij-Soderberg theory). Gibbons also has a secondary interest in algebraic statistics. Since coming to Hamilton College, she has supervised a handful of commutative algebra undergraduate research projects at Hamilton, the Willamette Valley Mathematics Consortium REU (2015), and Clemson’s virtual COURAGE REU (2020). She currently chairs the Policy and Advocacy Committee for the Association for Women in Mathematics.

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Areas of Expertise
My primary research area is commutative algebra, and I have conducted several successful research projects with undergraduates. I'm happy visit classes, give expository talks or research talks, meet with faculty to develop undergraduate research projects in mathematics. I'm open to other requests, too!
Commutative Algebra, Homological Algebra, Computational Algebra