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JULY 2020


A Newsletter for the Faculty of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium

Summer Programming Continues

The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium offers opportunities for faculty to meet and learn from each other. From our larger webinars and workshops, to the more intimate discipline-based faculty discussions, there is something for everyone.

We realize that everyone is busy and that your time is very valuable, so we strive to make our events efficient, productive, and well worth your time. Thanks to all of the NY6 faculty members who have generously volunteered their time, expertise, and enthusiasm to make our programming possible.

Deanna McCay

Webinar on Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Mays Imad will be offering a webinar, Examining the Intersection of Equity, Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, and Social Emotional Learning, on Wednesday, July 29, at 1 pm.

As a neuroscientist, Dr. Imad studies the effects of stress and emotions on student learning. During the pandemic, she has written pieces for Inside Higher Ed on hope and trauma-informed pedagogy and has presented extensively on the subject. She was recently featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education in a piece on trauma-informed teaching and learning.

For more information and to register...

NY6 Discipline-Based Discussions

The New York Six is offering a series of discipline-based faculty discussions to provide opportunities for faculty to brainstorm about how to approach the upcoming academic year.

We have the following meetings scheduled:

Computer Science Faculty Discussion
July 15 at 11 am
Facilitated by Christine Reilly (Skidmore College) and Kristina Striegnitz (Union College)
For more information and to register...

Performing Arts Faculty Discussion
July 16 at 11 am
Facilitated by Sarah DiPasquale (Skidmore College) and Jennifer Matsue (Union College)
For more information and to register...

Visual Arts Faculty Discussion
July 23 at 11 am
Facilitated by DeWitt Godfrey (Colgate University) and Rob Knight (Hamilton College)
Details and registration information to come

We are also seeking volunteers to help lead discussions. If you would like to speak with your NY6 colleagues, please submit your contact information here and we will be in touch.

Continuity of Academic Programming

During this time of travel and operational restrictions, the NY6 Scholar-Teacher Network may help with continuity of academic programming. The network is a database of faculty volunteers willing to share their expertise (virtually), in a seminar, class, or other academic program this upcoming year.

We are developing this database as a resource for those planning academic programming and courses for the upcoming year. Volunteer applications are currently being accepted and the list of faculty will be on our website by August 1.

For more information or to add your name to the list, please see our website: http://newyork6faculty.org/scholar-teacher-network/

Seed Grants CFP

If you have an idea for a collaboration with your New York Six colleagues, the New York Six would like to hear from you. We are accepting proposals on an ongoing basis. Projects to develop teaching resources, form course-specific faculty working groups (e.g. Introductory Biology, Introduction to Religious Studies), or build faculty groups aligned by “activity type” (e.g. performing arts, laboratory sciences) are encouraged.

See the faculty website for more information: www.newyork6faculty.org
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